Top-Rated Paint Correction in New Jersey

Paint Correction: What is it exactly?

Paint Correction is the process of machine polishing the clear coat layer of automotive paint. Similar to “buffing” or “cutting” after color wet sanding a freshly coated paint job. Paint Correction in NJ involves the removal of scratches (light to heavy) and swirl marks (also known as micro marring or spider webbing). Through a multi-step process, paint correction NJ can help achieve enhanced shine, gloss, and smoothness to the paint finish. It can also help with the removal of oxidation on faded or cloudy paint.

Now that you are aware, does this sound like your vehicle could use a “new” look? Indeed, you can just opt for the cheapest detailer across New Jersey to take care of your paint correction in NJ needs, but the question here is whether or not they can play the role of giving your investment the polish and restoration it’s meant to have. Jeyco Clean Detail Studio would never deliver any substandard job when it comes to our paint restoration service.

Paint Correction in NJ Packages

Standard Gloss: Level 1 Polish

This is the most basic package we offer and it is ideal for cars that have been through the routine wear and tear of everyday driving. It includes a single-stage polishing procedure to get rid of light imperfections including minor swirl marks, as well as revive that gloss you’ve been wanting.

Paint Correction NJ

This bundle includes:

  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Clay Bar Mechanical Decon
  • Chemical Paint Decon
  • 1- Step Polish
  • Hi-Gloss Slick Sealant

The price starts at $599.

Advanced Gloss: Level 2 Polish and Correction

This package is designed for vehicles that have undergone a bit more wear and tear. It involves multiple polishing stages, whether it be with a single- or dual-stage process, to get rid of medium to heavy imperfections including oxidation and deeper scratches in the paintwork.

Furthermore, this bundle includes the following:

  • Exterior Hand Wash
  • Clay Bar Mechanical Decon
  • Chemical Paint Decon
  • Multi-Step Compound & Polish
  • Hi-Gloss Slick Sealant

The price starts at $749.

NJ Paint Correction

FAQs on Paint Correction in NJ

Essentially, it can remove the clear coat on your car, as it uses a gritty substance known as a cutting compound. However, our experienced technicians at Jeyco Clean Detail Studio know how to carefully and skillfully take off only the necessary amount of clear coat, while also preserving the rest of the paint finish. When push comes to shove, we can even provide you with a remedy to make sure your car’s condition is boosted after the service.

Yes, it is highly recommended that you have your car go through paint correction NJ before applying the ceramic coating and/or paint protection film. This way, the paint surface will be smooth and all existing imperfections will be removed, ensuring an even application of the ceramic coating for optimal protection and shine.

Depending on the condition of your car’s paint, it can take anywhere from two to eight hours. The complete service may even take up to a few days if deep scratches and oxidation are present. With that being said, our skilled technicians at Jeyco Clean Detail Studio are highly experienced with this process and can work quickly yet efficiently.

The key thing to remember is that waxing your car every 3-4 months will help maintain the finish of your vehicle. Additionally, it is important to keep your car out of direct sunlight and away from any chemical agents such as bird droppings or tree sap. Moreover, make sure you always use a microfiber towel for drying off water spots, as it is a lot gentler.

Correction of Any Magnitude

We are here to help you bring back that showroom-like shine to your car’s body, regardless of its age. Here at Jeyco Clean Detail Studio, we know that all vehicle paint works are unique in their quality and condition due to various circumstances of how the paint finish was cared for and maintained. Therefore, we take careful measurements of the paint thickness to identify problem areas where clear coat failure may be present and offer the best solutions to remedy the situation. 

Our paint correction in NJ service is a specialized package that involves removing any swirl marks, scratches, and other defects in the paintwork of your vehicle, as well as restoring it to its original luster. 

Whether you need just a small touch-up to preserve the entire look of your car or you have severe rock chipping, spotting, and scratching that you want to satisfyingly erase, our paint correction in NJ packages is the ultimate solution for you!

We also offer car detailing services to protect and enhance your vehicle’s finish. Contact us today to learn more about our services.