Cutting-Edge Tesla Ceramic Coating NJ

What is Tesla Ceramic Coating NJ?

Ceramic coating is a nano-ceramic polymer that is applied as a fluid substance providing an additional protective layer on the surface of your Tesla. It serves as a frontline against water spotting, oxidation, fading, wear, and many others while adding an extremely high gloss, shine, depth, and slickness.

The coatings are usually applied in a two-part process that involves applying the coating to the surface of your Tesla, then curing it with heat or ultraviolet light. This creates an extremely hard and durable layer of protection that may last for years, given the right attention. From paint and glass to wheels and trim, ceramic coatings can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Tesla Ceramic Coating NJ

Is your Tesla easily exposed to the extremes of every season all year? As NJ residents prepare themselves for another year of changing seasons, Jeyco Clean Detail Studio is now providing an exclusive new product sure to make your life and your Tesla’s condition are in pristine condition: the Tesla Ceramic Coating NJ. 

Your Tesla will be protected from corrosion, road debris, UV damage, road salt accumulation, and other elements by a thin layer of clear ceramic sealant. These Tesla ceramic coatings have been tested and approved by experts and engineers in the industry. Premium Tesla ceramic coatings are only offered by certified auto detailing shops like Jeyco Clean and we promise years worth of worry-free driving. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and see why Tesla Ceramic Coating is something you should’ve committed to sooner!

tesla ceramic coating

Advantages of our Tesla Ceramic Coating NJ Service

Aside from its robust protection and hydrophobicity against certain kinds of elements, there are still other advantages that it brings to the table.

A finish that entails effortless maintenance!

Ceramic Coating provides a long-lasting finish that requires minimal maintenance. It holds up against dirt, mud, and other contaminants that are usually present on the road. As such, you'll find the cleaning process a piece of cake!

Unmatched gloss and shine

Our ceramic coating technology is tailored to give your Tesla a shine that sets it apart from the rest in the neighborhood. You can expect a gleam that will last for years and give your car an irresistible appeal.

Boost its resale value!

Thanks to the durable finish it provides, ceramic coating can also increase your Tesla's resale value. It ensures that your vehicle maintains its pristine condition for a long time, which leads to greater offers from prospective buyers.


FAQ's on Ceramic Coating NJ

Our pricing for ceramic coating depends on the size of your car and how large a package you choose. We offer two main packages – 5-year coating technology and 10-year coating technology. Feel free to contact us and get more information about our rates.
These coatings are normally put on after your paint has been properly prepped for the coating such as chemical and mechanical decontamination followed by machine polishing. The coating is then applied using a spray gun. Our technicians will then use a brush and microfiber cloth to ensure that the coating is properly distributed on your car’s surface.
Depending on how well you maintain it, our ceramic coating can give you a whopping 10-year lifespan. However, we suggest you have it inspected and reapplied at least every 5 years for optimum performance.
Absolutely! Unlike wax, the ceramic coating provides exceptional protection against road agents, as well as, gives your car the showroom sheen it deserves.

Go Beyond with Ceramic

If you want to make the most of your car’s paint job, then it pays to invest in our ceramic coating packages. From standard protection to long-term gloss and shine, Jeyco Clean Detail Studio provides you with all the essentials you need for a car that stands out on all fronts. Contact us today and get ready to experience an unmatched defense.